Inner Strength Teacher Training: Foundations of Mindfulness

In by Amy Edelstein

Foundations of Mindfulness

An Inner Strength Teacher Training with Amy Edelstein

March 27 – May 15, 2021

Learn to teach mindfulness to teens

8-week training

Via Zoom


Financial Assistance

Some partial and full scholarships are available to make this training accessible regardless of an individual’s economic means.

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This 8-week training via live video-webinar is for anyone interested in supporting teens using the tools of mindful contemplation.

March 27 – May 15

Saturdays at 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET

** Recorded sessions available if you need to participate at a different time. You may email questions prior to each webinar for Amy to answer. **

You Are Invited…

The world is a wondrous and challenging place. Digital technology, global events, and the competitiveness of higher education are all issues that worry teenagers. While high school is meant to be a happy time, it so often is a time of stress and uncertainty for today’s adolescents.

For teachers, mentors, and parents, it is challenging to see the youth of today struggling. We care and want to give them a leg up.

  • If you are concerned about teen mental, emotional, and behavioral health
  • If you see youth struggling with anxiety, focus issues, dis-regulation, or depression
  • If you feel like the adolescents you know are falling short of their own higher potentials
  • If you feel you have experience, insight, and heart that you want to share with teens but you don’t know how . . .

Then this opportunity is for you.

The Foundations of Mindfulness gives you the training you need to release your own care and capacity so you can practically support the next generation by giving them the life-long tools of calm, curiosity, and care.

We often feel so overwhelmed by complexity. The Foundations of Mindfulness will give you a simple path and practice that gives teens a simple path and practices. They will develop inspiration, hope, and skills that they can put to work on their own time, in their own way.

I hope you will join me,

For mindfulness practitioners

If you have experienced the benefit of mindful contemplation, you probably feel like you have lightning in a bottle. The Inner Strength teacher training gives you a glass and an opener to share that lightening with teens. You’ll feel your own connection to insight deepening and you’ll experience the rewards of empowering teens to grow holistically and develop good habits of mind, relationship, and physical health that will serve them their entire life.

For teachers and counselors

If you are a passionate classroom teacher or school counselor but you find yourself spending too much time in a role that is not your ideal – disciplining, chastising, or coaxing kids to learn – it is time to add some new and potent techniques. Mindful reflection helps kids calm down, become interested in a deeper way in the things they don’t understand (after all, the teenage brain is designed to be adventurous, creative, and exploratory), and to care about themselves and each other. You can now share these techniques in schoolrooms, pediatrics offices, on the sports field, and see how kids light up and calm down, ready to learn, work together, and most of all, be happy.

Help kids

The latest research on neuroplasticity is showing the relatively short time it takes to provide “vitamins to the brain” through specific calm and focused contemplation exercises. It also points to long-term learning and physiological benefits. By helping teens learn to practice the art of mindful contemplation, you can be supporting their long-term health, reducing stress and anxiety, lowering cortisol levels, and minimizing the negative effects of ongoing stress and after effects of trauma. For a generation that is the first in two centuries to be at risk of having shorter lifespans than their parents, this can be a critical intervention.

Help the world

This next generation are going to be the climate change scientists, the organic farmers, the holistic physicians, the compassionate social workers, the generous entrepreneurs, the visionary urban planners, and the moral leaders. Supporting them is so important for all of us. Let’s give them the essential tools they need to be great stewards of our shared future!

About Inner Strength

The Inner Strength System™ is a unique mindfulness school program, which teaches adolescents evidence-based focus, stress reduction, and compassion tools, all set in a developmental framework.

Inner Strength has already trained over 7,000 students in high schools in Philadelphia. You’ll receive the benefit of lessons learned in the classroom to prepare you to be the best facilitator you can be.

The Fundamentals of Mindfulness teacher training is a 40-hour professional training that will enable you to teach the valuable tools of mindful awareness to high school students.
Teaching the Inner Strength Teen Program is personally rewarding. New insight catalyzes our own growth and transformation. Not only do we learn how to teach inner strength for outer stability, we develop those qualities in our own lives.

When you share your authentic enthusiasm with teens, the inspiration becomes contagious. Everyone is enriched by the joy of discovery.

Participants have come from all over to immerse themselves in this comprehensive program—from Chile to New Zealand, New York to California, Vancouver to Massachusetts, Seattle to Michigan, and from other places in between. Graduates have taken their training into school classrooms and non-profits, arts programs and honors clubs, juvenile facilities and alternatives to detention.

I can’t wait to see what you will do!


What you will discover in this course:

— Session 1:

Releasing Anxiety, Worry and Self-Concern

In this session you will receive instructions for The Practice of No Problem method and you will discover how this form of meditation can eliminate anxiety, worry and self-concern.

— Session 2:

Meditation Made Easy

In this session you will discover that deep peace is always available to us in every moment. You will learn from Jeff’s own experience of personal tragedy that it is possible to find a settled mind under any circumstance.

— Session 3:

From Freedom to Illumination

In this session you will learn how the practice of meditation allows us to break the mental habit of assuming that something is wrong so that our mind becomes free to experience deeper spiritual wonders.

— Session 4:

Letting go of the Voices in Your Head

In this session you will learn to distinguish between the different types of voices that we often hear in our minds. You will see that these voices are habits of thought that can be easily ignored once we learn not to identify with them.

— Session 5:

There is No Way to Meditate Wrong

In this session you will take a deeper look at the instructions for The Practice of Having No Problem and you will discover that there is literally no way to do it wrong.

— Session 6:

The Miracle Is Here Now

In this session you will find that the miracle of meditation is yours as soon as you stop looking for it in your ideas about it. The miraculous ease of being and inner freedom we seek is always found in the one place we never think to look – the experience we’re having right now.

— Session 7:

Seeing through the Mind

In this session you will explore the subtleties of practice and learn how to keep your practice fresh and inspired. You will also learn how consistent practice will rewire your nervous system so that you find yourself being less and less reactive in life.

— Session 8:

Embracing The Present

In this session you will learn about the deeper implications of not making a problem out of anything. Ultimately we liberate ourselves from any sense that something by letting go of our assumptions about the way things should be and embrace the way they are.

— Session 9:

Meditation and Life

In this session you will learn that meditation is ultimately about giving up control and you cannot let go in meditation more than you are willing to let go in life. If you pursue the path of meditation far enough, it becomes essential that the freedom, joy and trust that you find in your practice is increasingly reflected in your life.

Training Details

The Foundations of Mindfulness is designed for optimal learning. You will learn the techniques and perspectives, the philosophy and science behind why these tools have such a beneficial effect. You will practice-teach the classroom exercises with a practice partner, prepare your own classroom materials, and have the opportunity to participate in ongoing coaching groups once you begin in your classroom.

The goal of this program is to impart in-depth training and ensure a high caliber of instruction in the schools. As educators, we all know that a large part of what we teach is what we embody. That is even more so with mindful awareness.

To that end, all participants are required to keep their own mindfulness practice for the duration of the course. You will be encouraged to engage afresh with tools you may be familiar with in order to discover an inexhaustible wellspring of curiosity. If you are learning mindful awareness practices for the first time, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and receive expert meditation guidance. Amy Edelstein has had a consistent and indepth practice for over 35 years and can help guide you through confusion and pitfalls.

Your authentic vibrancy and fascination will be infectious in the classroom, modeling the results of a perpetual curiosity and a deep engagement with life, in all its wonder. The support you will receive in the Foundations of Mindfulness will connect you with the essential value of these practices. Whether you’ve been meditating for twenty years or you come to this program with a teaching background, you’ll be supported and challenged to engage at your own edge of exploration.

You’ll learn in an environment that is highly supportive. At Inner Strength, we value collegiality, mutual support, co-mentorship, and compassion. Through your work with your practice partner and small group discussions you will develop connections with a cohort that can continue to support you long after the training has been completed.

Additionally, once you begin teaching, you will be eligible to participate in regular conference calls so you can get answers to your questions about real events that occurred in your classroom.

By the end of Inner Strength Teacher Training You:
  • Will be prepared to teach 7 common evidence-based mindfulness tools to teens.
  • Will be able to choose which tools will be most appropriate for different classroom situations and will understand the different results they produce.
  • Will have practiced teaching with a partner and will have learned from their constructive feedback.
  • Will have developed a consistent personal mindfulness practice
  • Will have assessed your skills through homework completion and the final proficiency exam.

Successful teaching of mindfulness to teens rests on your own familiarity and groundedness with the practice. While you are in the training, you will maintain a regular practice 5 days a week on your own or as a participant in a lightly guide half hour meditation practice session Mon-Fri 8 AM US ET.

The Fundamentals of Mindfulness prepares you to teach mindful contemplation to teens in a school setting. To teach the 12-lesson Inner Strength System™ you will need to complete both the Foundations of Mindfulness (Level I) and The Developmental Perspective (Level 2).


Mindfulness requires practice, understanding, and insight – are you ready to train?


Course Content

Lesson 1. Introduction to Mindfulness

Saturday, March 27 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET.

  • You will learn why it is valuable to teach mindful awareness to teens, how to work in a secular educational environment, and how to be sensitive to appropriate language that is comfortable for the students.
  • You will learn how to two exercises designed to cultivate calm and focus.

Lesson 2. Cultivating Curiosity | Objectivity on Thought

Saturday, April 3 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET.

  • You will learn how to explain, with a simple somatic visual, what it means to develop objectivity on thought. You will learn how changing our relationship to thought cultivates an interest in discovery, a foundation for teen academic success.
  • You will learn how to teach a practice that cultivates objectivity.

Lesson 3. Cultivating Care: Love & Kindness

Saturday, April 10 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET.

  • You will learn how to inspire teens to practice kindness towards themselves and others. You will learn ways to bring this concept alive in the classroom and how to motivate students to pay attention to and value every day kindnesses.
  • You will also learn the neuroscience showing the brain changes made when teens maintain a practice over a period of time.
  • You will learn how to teach a practice that cultivates generosity towards self and others.

Lesson 4. Connecting with the Physical

Saturday, April 17 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET.

  • You will learn how to teach teens to become aware of what is happening in their body. By paying attention to sensation, teens discover a groundedness, presence, immediacy and greater satisfaction from their experience.
  • They learn to disrupt negative rumination as well as become attention to hydration, minor injuries, and nutrition needs.
  • You will learn how to teach two exercises that stimulate awareness of how the body is feeling.

Lesson 5. Seeing Freshly (aka Mindful Eating)

Saturday, April 24 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET.

  • While this lesson focuses on the activity of mindful eating the emphasis is on learning to become curious about the familiar, seeing freshly. This practice can help students cultivate a wholesome relationship to eating and hydrating, can support those working to overcome eating disorders, and help teens develop satisfaction from simple actions.
  • You will learn how to teach one exercises that trains teens how to see freshly and eat mindfully.

Lesson 6. Teaching in the Classroom

Saturday, May 1 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET.

  • You will learn the nuts and bolts of standing up in front of a room full of teens, holding their attention, and managing a room full of students with diverse needs.
  • While this single lesson won’t cover the gamut, you will learn how to develop your own toolkit, how to choose what to pay attention to, and how to hold the container of the classroom even when you cannot attend to every individual student’s needs.

Lesson 7. A Trauma Sensitive Approach & A Systems Perspective

Saturday, May 8 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET.

  • You will learn how to orient yourself towards understanding what may have happened to a child rather than trying to manage their behavior. You will learn how to be sensitive to students who may have experienced trauma and how to help them work within their own comfort zone. You will also be introduced to the unique way Inner Strength works with systems thinking and context-setting to help teens understand their experience and the world.

Lesson 8. Self Care & the Essence of What We Teach

Saturday, May 15 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm US ET.

  • In this final lesson, you will learn how to bring everything together, resting in the simple–but profound–fundamentals of mindfulness.
  • You will learn how to grow as you teach while maintaining authority. You will learn techniques for self-care and how to pay attention to your own triggers.

Inner Strength Fundamentals of Mindfulness Toolbox

  • Mindfulness on Sound
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Love & Kindness
  • Body Scan
  • Thought Bubble
  • Open Awareness
  • Seeing Freshly (aka Chocolate Meditation)

What’s Included:

  • A private online portal

    Just before classes begin in February you will gain access to the online portal where all the training materials will be housed.

  • 8 x 2-hour interactive video conference calls

    Every week there will be a 2-hour live interactive class held on Zoom Video Conferencing.

  • 8 x 60-minute video lessons

    Every week also includes a 60-minute video lesson.

  • Weekly transcripts

    You will receive transcripts of each of the video lessons for easy note-taking.

  • Paired practice teaching

    You will work with a partner, practicing teaching each lesson so you are prepared to work with students in the classroom.

  • 40 x 30-minute group video meditation sessions to support your own practice

    Each morning from 8:00-8:30 AM US ET you can join a live video mindfulness session to develop and deepen your own practice.

  • Weekly homework to help you internalize the material

    You will be given questions for contemplation each week. You will submit one homework assignment of your choice during week 4 for review.

  • Graded Final exam

    You will submit a final exam covering the primary elements of the course.

What others are saying…

— I am blown away by how powerful and personal the impact of the Inner Strength teen mindfulness program is…

I am blown away by how powerful and personal the impact of the Inner Strength teen mindfulness program is for young adults from all walks of life. Mindfulness is, in my opinion, an essential component of the core curriculum for life at this time on the planet. If we are going to empower our future community-builders and leaders, then we need to support them in developing the most potent tool they have to contribute: their full potential as compassionate, creative, resilient, and unique individuals. I learned how to teach that and I am so excited. Making this accessible within the school system is both practical and brilliant.

Sharon, Colorado

— Cut right to the essential center of mindfulness.

The course cut right to the essential center of mindfulness for me. It furthered my own practice and it taught me how to teach mindfulness to teens. Through the course and Amy’s style and warmth, I have come to appreciate a certain heart-feltness and the importance of connection. The Inner Strength teacher training is a very encouraging and supportive environment.

Vicki, Seattle

— Moving and motivating.

The combination of the background information, research on mindfulness and adolescence, combined with Amy’s sharing of her experiences teaching this program in real classrooms was both moving and motivating. Hearing the large and small ways that mindfulness training made a difference in actual teens’ lives was very powerful. The program points to a profound way to contribute to young lives in a way that supports individuals, communities, and our collective future on this planet!

Matt, New York

— Warm, challenging, and truly supportive.

I found training with Amy and my cohort in the Inner Strength Teacher Training to be a warm, challenging, and truly supportive experience. Amy’s knowledge is vast and her presentation is highly factual, superbly interesting, sometimes over my head, yet always accessible, and delightful! We also developed friendship and respect for each other. A bonding experience it was and a truly passionate organization to be involved with. Thank you for this life changing experience!

Brittany, South Carolina

Registration: $595

The full cost of the program is $695 but when you register before March 7th, you receive a $100 discount!

To receive your discount, enter this code: FOMEarlybird when you check out.

Financial Assistance

We strive to make this training welcoming to all. Some partial and full scholarships are available to make this training accessible regardless of an individual’s economic means.

Click here for the scholarship application.

About Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein, educator, author, and public speaker is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in.

In 2014, Amy founded the Inner Strength Foundation, a non-profit organization that has trained thousands of inner-city teens mindfulness and systems thinking.

She currently serves as ISF’s Executive Director. Amy has more than 35-years experience working with contemplative tools, and developmental philosophy, and has taught programs in half a dozen countries around the world.

Amy received a Philadelphia Social Innovation Award for her organization’s work in Violence Reduction. She is a Cornell University College Scholar, cofounder of of the learning platform Emergence Education, and author of five books including the award-winning, bestseller The Conscious Classroom.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Prior to the Course Portal Opening, which is two weeks before the start of the program, participants who cancel their registration will receive a refund minus a $75 cancellation fee. After the Course Portal has been opened, 2 weeks before the start of the course, no refunds will be given. You can apply your balance (minus the cancellation fee) to an upcoming Foundations of Mindfulness teacher training.)