The Soul’s Journey to Wholeness Contemplation #1

A tool of divination for your spiritual evolution
Content by Jeff Carreira
Designed by Ibiza Tarot
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The cards in this deck describe the path of soul development contained in chapters 1 through 6 in the book The Soul’s Journey to Wholeness by Jeff Carreira. Each card explains an essential step on the spiritual journey that brings a human being into the higher awareness of the soul, and the soul into oneness with the Source. Contemplating the wisdom of these cards can ignite a profound inner shift in your awareness.

How To Use This Deck

  • First stack the cards in numerical order with card #1 on top and card #24 on the bottom. Then:
  • Read each card from 1 to 24 in order and contemplate them. If you spend two to three minutes with each card this practice will take you one hour to complete. Record any insights you have in a journal or notebook.
  • Each day when you wake up, read and contemplate the top card on the stack for 10 minutes and then place it on the bottom of the deck. Keep the message of the card in mind throughout the day and record any insights you have in a journal or notebook at the end of the day. The next day do the same with the next card on the deck.
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