Epic Journey Oracle

A tool of divination for your spiritual evolution
Content by Amy Edelstein
Designed by Ibiza Tarot
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The wisdom on these cards is based on the book Adventure in Zanskar by Amy Edelstein

In 1983, twenty-one year old Amy Edelstein set out on a solitary 500-kilometer journey through the Zanskar valley., the westernmost corner of the Tibetan plateau. She spent several months walking by foot, crossing passes above 16,000 feet, sleeping in caves, meeting high lamas and monastics, and exploring a culture that had remained virtually the same for thousands of years. This oracle deck was created from the wisdom she learned about courage, perseverance, kindness, meditation, and awakening. The photos on these cards were all taken by Amy during her epic journey.

Use these cards to help you reflect and develop the qualities that will enable you to awaken and live from that wisdom and freedom.

  1. Think of a challenge or threshold that you are currently facing in your growth process and choose a card and reflect on the guidance it offers you.
  2. Imagine the kind of person that you most want to be and choose a card to receive guidance on how to build that quality or strength of character.
  3. Repeat this process each day for thirty days. Practice what the cards suggest. Journal or notice markers that indicate shifts or new habits and insights forming. Pay attention to the small clues as well as the large markers along the way. Both have significance.
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