Cosmic Consciousness Tarot

A tool of divination for your spiritual evolution
Content by Jeff Carreira
Designed by Ibiza Tarot
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The Cosmic Consciousness Tarot is a 22 card deck designed to be used as a divination tool for spiritual awakening. Each card contains a short phrase that becomes a seed for contemplation.

The wisdom in this deck is based on the book The Path of Cosmic Consciousness by Jeff Carreira.

How To Use This Deck
This deck combines the wisdom of the major arcana with penetrating insights about the attainment of cosmic consciousness. These cards were designed to be used by those seeking to discover the universal source of awareness.

Choose one card randomly as a focus for contemplation. Read the statement on the card and ponder its meeting. When you feel that you have understood the statement, read the question that follows, close your eyes, and contemplate your own answer to the question.

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Emergence Education
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