The Future of Children

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Phillip Moore, director of the independent Upland Hills School for over forty years has much to offer educators, parents, indeed anyone who cares about how we are raising the next generation that will care for our world. The Future of Children grew out of over four decades of direct experience with children who have been educated in a school that was based on love. These children have grown up to be very different kinds of people. Their direct connection to the natural world has influenced them to feel a deep connection with life. Their sensory rich education has given them a life long love for creativity, for doing and making things of beauty and function. Their abilities to collaborate with others has given them the direct experience of accomplishing projects that live beyond the possibility of an individual. Their ability to do their own thinking and to be in love with life long learning has given them the confidence to live in a world of shifting complexity and deep uncertainty.

The lessons and the stories of this place and these people provide us with insights and the creative inspiration that will fuel new ways of teaching and new ways of learning. This book is a must for parents and educators who are dedicated to shifting from the dominant paradigm to a new paradigm that is based on love and deep inter-connection.

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Phil Moore
Over four decades, Moore developed a profound and inspired learning community. This culture developed a synergetic collaboration between the staff members that transcended most traditional models of educational institutions. The students, ages 4 to 14 were nurtured to cultivate joy, curiosity and an insatiable love of life. The first graduates are now successful adults, showing the flowering of their youthful potential.
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