Rearchitecting Work

Possibility Partners Unleashing Potential
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Discover the 10 design principles for rearchitecting work Rearchitecting Work

  1. HR & CEO Alignment
  2. Unlocking the Power of an HR Plan
  3. The Power of Possibility
  4. Leadership is a mindset vs. a Title
  5. Ownership for Results vs. Accountability
  6. Igniting Results & Eliminating Performance Reviews
  7. Participating, Contributing, Self-expressing
  8. Celebrating Diversity
  9. Raving Fans Recruiting
  10. Psychological Safety

Unlock the power of Human Resources to unleash the potential of human beings using infrastructures of best practices and leadership approaches in which bosses become mentors . . . performance reviews turn into “How’s It Going” conversations... team members relate as Possibility Partners... "Inspiring Ownership For Results" replaces "Holding People Accountable."

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Published by
Mystery School Press
Dianne Michels
Dianne Michels is a purpose-driven Human Resources Futurist who is committed to unlocking the power of Human Resources to unleash the potential of Human Beings. In this possibility, Dianne is committed to shifting the workplace paradigm from a focus on performance management to a focus on unleashing people’s potential. The importance of business results does not change, but HOW they are achieved is dramatically altered! Her 30+ years of experience, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to major Chicago not-for-profits, along with international public relations firms, entrepreneurial startups, and family-owned businesses, has enabled her to observe firsthand how human beings in an organization impact the organizational dynamics and infrastructures... and vice versa. Dianne’s 3 ½ years as the Chief Possibility Officer with YWCA Metropolitan Chicago enabled her to experience the impact this paradigm shift had on people’s ability to co-create and participate in ways that ignited conversation, collaboration, and community. She imagines workplaces in the future where everyone’s relationship to work is experienced as an opportunity to thrive vs. a duty to survive as the norm vs. the exception.
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