Presence is the Solution to Every Problem

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In this book, you will receive a direct expression of Danielle Morrow’s own powerful transformative journey and experience of presence and opening to greater depths of our true selves. You are led to depths of your true self far beyond your thoughts, feelings, and body, depths that will leave you in a state of awareness, radical aliveness, bliss, love, freedom, peace, expansion, openness and deep relaxation. Most of us operate from our intellect and are identified with being our thoughts and feelings. This book opens us up to our truth – presence. You will see, know, and experience that presence is not intellectual, but experiential – and that a source of love, deeper knowing, wisdom, truth, intuition and creative potential is revealed to us when we are present.
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Mystery School Press
Danielle Morrow
Danielle Morrow is a former software engineer and lawyer, who through following her love and inspiration for deep transformation and spirituality is now the founder of True You.
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