Distance and Desire

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It’s 2013 and China is a world superpower. The life of New Yorker Jimmy looks great. While happily married to Hillary he harbours a long-kept secret. An unexpected business trip to secure ancient landscape paintings in Beijing unleashes a series of events he could never have imagined. Back in New York paper planes pursue him and he overhears a conversation between Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol in the St. Vincent Ferrer church.

This novel is a meditation on intimacy: in relationships, secrets, cultural conditioning, attachment to place, and the legacy of loss. It’s a book for anyone interested in understanding America and China and how intimacy is the bridge between individuals and cultures.

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Transdimensional Fiction
Imants Kins
Imants Gustavs Kins is an economist and futurist with extensive business experience in China, Japan and New York City. He holds dual Australian and Latvian citizenship. Having previously written poems, and short reflections on his times kayaking on the Swan River, it has always been his ambition to write a novel that shines a perceptive light on the nature of relationships between cultures. He is particularly interested in the relationship between America and China.
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