Dancing with the Divine

An earthly journey of awakening
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In her intimate spiritual memoir, Dancing with the Divine, Katy Locke enchants readers with the inexplicable story of her “earthly journey of awakening.” As a young woman suffering from low self-esteem, marginal health, and a confused sense of identity, Katy is catapulted again and again into unlikely encounters in the backwoods of Vermont. Katy’s vivid prose conveys her gradual emergence from confusion and cluelessness to wonder and awe as she is invited to dance with trees, is serenaded by wild turkeys, blessed by apples, heralded by the moon, greeted by beavers, called again and again to bare herself completely to chilly rains and streams.

These encounters contrast with Katy’s conscious identity and the unyielding demands of her daily life as breadwinner, waitress and apprentice woodworker, and homesteader; and only years later with the onset of acute illness, does she begin to appreciate them as an awakening of Spirit, portals of interconnected oneness, reflecting back to her something she was not yet ready to see -- her divinity. Her personal story offers global implications for humanity: how humans can unleash untapped potential for resilience and renewal in their deeply embodied yet supremely divine dance upon the Earth. 

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Mystery School Press
Katy Locke
Through her writing, Katy hopes to inspire readers of all generations to inhabit the mystery of life on Earth with creativity, whimsy and tender interrelationship. For guidance, Katy walks in the woods, prays in her labyrinth, listens to the wisdom of green beings, and chats with her mystical cat, Luna. Ever curious, she loves to read and write about waking-up, paradigm shifting, and expanding Western notions of just about anything.
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