Cosmic Consciousness Annotated

In by Jeff Carreira


Cosmic Consciousness Annotated

Edited, Updated and Interpreted by Jeff Carreira
by Richard Maurice Bucke with commentary by Jeff Carreira
Coming June
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This is an edited, updated and interpreted edition of Richard Maurice Bucke’s spiritual classic Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind. Bucke originally published his magnificent treatise in 1901 and it has been read, admired and even revered ever since. In this edition you will find the same insights and inspirations of the original text written in modern language and edited with modern sensibilities. The purpose here is not to improve upon the original, but to make its great wisdom more accessible to readers and spiritual seekers of today.

When Jeff Carreira first encountered the book Cosmic Consciousness, he found a vision of conscious evolution that rang deeply resonant with his own spiritual experiences while contextualizing them within a vast narrative of universal history. Of course, the language and ideas of even a work as great as this can become dated with time. Languages change, new ideas develop, and many readers find the original text difficult to approach. Often the wisdom of spiritual classics is simply incorporated into the books and insights of present-day authors with minimal reference to the original source. This edition offers a different possibility. It attempts to preserve the wisdom and logical flow of the original book in a creatively edited and interpreted text that can be freshly appreciated by a new audience.

This edition of Cosmic Consciousness is offered to honor the spirit and brilliance of the original.

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Jeff Carreira is an author, mystical philosopher and meditation teacher. His novels use the powerful medium of story to illuminate the mysterious ways in which we can awaken to the invisible realms and hidden truths that always lie just beyond the familiar world around us. His stories challenge our fundamental notions about what is real, by presenting characters who find themselves having experiences, or landing in circumstances, that force them to question everything they ever thought. What they discover, in a variety of ways, is that reality is much different than they could have imagined.
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