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Early Registration Bonus Workshop
What Makes Real Spiritual Transformation Possible?
Saturday, February 29th, 2020
11:00am to 2:00pm US Eastern Time

The recording of this workshop will appear here when available.

Those of us who’ve been pursuing spiritual work – whether we just started or have been at it for decades – got into for a very good reason – we knew spiritual transformation was possible and we wanted that for ourselves.

Many of us have experienced spiritual transformation – or at least we think we have – but we seem to slip back into the person we were before over and over again.

During 2020 I intend to offer a number of opportunities designed to not only catalyze spiritual transformation but maintain it.

In this short workshop you will explore a powerful way to understand what spiritual transformation is, how it can be ignited in your own heart and mind, and most importantly how that transformation can become your permanent center.

Participating in this workshop is itself a spiritual transformation. You will need to enter it slowly with a wide-open heart and mind. You will need to hear things you’ve heard before as if for the first time. And you will need to embrace some completely new ways of seeing as if you had known them all along.

When we talk about our spirit, we are talking about that which moves us, we are talking about the place that we originate from.

When we talk about spiritual transformation, we are talking about a shift in our origin point – we are going to allow ourselves to be moved by a completely different source.

The fundamental transformation is pretty well known by many of us.

Currently our experience of reality and the energy that drives us are both coming from the fears and desires of a separate sense of self that pushes its agendas forward with willpower.

The spiritual transformation we seek means giving up any sense of self and being moved by the mysterious source of wisdom and compassion that exists at the heart of the cosmos. As I said, most of us already know this, unfortunately knowing it has very little to do with living it.

What you will explore in this workshop:
  • How your current point of origin is maintained by the paradigm we live in.
  • How to relax your awareness until it slips beyond its current point of origin.
  • How it is possible to consciously shift the way you see reality.
  • How shifting your perception of reality actually shifts what’s real.
  • How to change your life so that you will continue to live in a new reality.
  • What becomes possible for those who spiritually transform in this way.