Katy Locke
Katy Locke
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About Katy

Katy Locke is a wanderer, visionary, and storyteller, living in wonder and awe most of the time, while cultivating a simple life of reverence, sacred inter-relationship, and magic. She takes great delight in the nooks and crannies of mountains and hills, oceans and streams, as well as the intricacies of the everyday. Katy has been writing about her unusual experiences and insights for many years, and is thrilled to be sharing them in her first book.


When asked about her reason for writing the book, she replies, “We’re all taught a lot about what’s true and what’s possible - and at some point I realized that my life experiences had been guiding me to see and understand reality quite differently from anything I had been taught. I know I am not alone in this. I believe we each carry an important piece of a universal puzzle of what’s true and what’s possible, and as we express ourselves, we awaken new perspectives, new potentials and step into new paradigms.”

Through her writing, Katy hopes to inspire readers of all generations to inhabit the mystery of life on Earth with creativity, whimsy and tender interrelationship. For guidance, Katy walks in the woods, prays in her labyrinth, listens to the wisdom of green beings, and chats with her mystical cat, Luna. Ever curious, she loves to read and write about waking-up, paradigm shifting, and expanding Western notions of just about anything.

As an Artist of Possibility Trainee with Jeff Carreira, Katy is now identifying as an Author of Possibility. She is inspired especially by the book, Harold and his Purple Crayon, as she steps into realities of her own creation by way of her first young adult fantasy series.

She makes her home in south-central New Hampshire where she reveres seasonal cycles and abundant natural wonders. Each day begins with an early morning meditation, a time for her consciousness to rest in silence and birdsong. This is typically followed by an hour of free-writing by hand, which may bring forth anything from yesterday’s triumphs and tribulations, to shopping lists and To Do’s, to unprecedented illuminations about what it means to be alive and bearing witness to our conscious, evolving universe.

By Katy Locke