The Artist of
October 15, 2021

Rheana McAnear

Featured Artist

Rheana McAnear's artwork is inspired by the ever- changing landscapes she witnessed in her nomadic childhood and her deep belief in and connection to magic in the world around us. She became infatuated with the arts in early adolescence and began drawing fairies and emotive portraits at 12 years old. In addition to her original love for draw ing and poetry, Rhea expanded her artistic expression over the years to include oil, acrylic, and watercolor mediums along with pastel and textile art. In her own words: "Most of my creativity stems from an intellectual concept; an extension of my stories and poetic thoughts onto canvas. In a lot of ways art offers me an escape. It whisks me away from the drab and mundane into a world full of nature, beauty, mystery and inspiration. This is Rhealand." You can follow her on instagram @Rhealandart


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