The Artist of
January 15, 2020

Opening to Creative Flow

An Interview with Chela Rhea Harper
When I first spoke with Chela Rhea Harper I realized that her career as a musician and a creative alchemy coach was driven by her discovery of the deep wellspring of creative potential that lies inside each of us. I’m not a musician, but I do speak of spiritual awakening as a kind of existential flow state in ways that are similar to how I’ve heard musicians speak about their playing. Spiritual awakening liberates us from existential fear and allows us to live spontaneously, flowing with the outpouring of each moment, embracing life without hesitation or inhibition. The state of spontaneous flow gives us access to a capacity for profound levels of creativity and peak human performance. In this interview, Chela Rhea Harper shares her own experience of deeply creative flow states and how they are attained.


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