The Artist of
October 15, 2020

Extraordinarily Creative

An Interview with E.J. Gold
When we decided to devote an issue to the transformative power of fiction, I knew that I wanted to speak with E.J. Gold. While E.J. is a prolific author of mainly non-fiction, in my mind, he has some very interesting ties to the world of fiction. First of all, his father, Horace Leonard 'H. L.' Gold, was the founder and editor of the enormously influential pulp magazine called Galaxy Science Fiction. Also, what is most interesting to me about E. J. is how amazingly creative he is and the way that he mixes elements of fiction in his spiritual writing, giving them a powerful otherworldly quality that I have admired for years. It w as a pleasure to speak with E. J., and as you are about to see, our conversation ranged far and wide in a delightful way.


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