The Artist of
February 15, 2023

Encountering My Teacher

An Essay by Marion Freiberg
Like many people, once childhood was over, I left formal religion behind. I was one of those many who were “disaffected” and cynical about religion, I pushed away religion and any hint of spirituality as naive and illogical. For many years I followed the typical path of work/ career, making money, falling in love and marrying, buying a house and having a baby. Yet something was so painfully missing! This was such a mystery; if I was living the prescribed life, why was I so deeply unhappy? I was still yearning for something deep, meaningful, illuminating and supportive; a path that would increase connection, love, magic, power, insight, and true service. But though I did some spiritual searching on my own, I knew I was skimming the surface at best. I didn’t know what else to do or where to look, and I began to despair.


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